" Dreams can come true"

I have always been interested in nails since I was a teenager, It started with painting and decorating my own nails, then I moved on to manicuring the nails of anyone and everyone I could find who would let me! untill I was finally old enough to go to a salon and get them done by a professional. Soon  I was a hooked on having my own nails done and was always fascinated by the skill of the techs doing my extensions. I always tried to pay a great deal of attention to how my nails were being done and bored the poor girls by asking lots of questions..

I never thought becoming a professional nail technician was a posibility for me as my personal cirumstances seem to hold me back. At the still "young" age of 27,  I am a mother of 5 and up untill now i have dedicated my time to looking after all of them but specially my disabled 9yr old, I have been his main carer for years.
More than once I have looked at the posibility of going to college but couldnt due to the scrict hours and long days. Then by chance I came across Essential Nails, a well known nail company offering NVQ training, with flexible times and personalised study options. I realised I could finally achieve my dream of becoming a nail technician and wasted no time in booking my first courses. I started with Gel, Maintenance and Nail art and absolutely loved it! Thats when I decided I wanted to dedicate my time to making great nails!
 I continued my training with Acrylic, Acrylic sculpt, Spa Manicure/Pedicure and Spray Tanning until i had successfully completed all of them. 
Doing nails changed my life, Nails is my passion. It gives me great satisfaction creating beautiful nails for my clients, I love seeing the difference between when a client first comes to visit me, to how the final result looks and seeing the amazement on my clients face when its all finshed.
Now, I aim to carry on expanding on nail services by keeping upto date with new/upcoming trends. I am currently training in Airbrush Nail art and I am also studying an open degree in business studies. I hope to add to my skills by introducing some beauty treatments in the near future....
But my main goal is to carry on creating long lasting beautiful nails and more luxuary treatments for you all xx
Bev Smith
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